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“Summer Time and the Living is Easy – Really!”

The summer has flown by and if you are like me, you are wondering how time could fly by so quickly.  Well if you stop for a minute and think about the changes that have happened to your industry, you know why summer has sailed by.

First, you have had the implementation of a new set of ALR rules and regulations. You have read them (probably more than once), to learn about the new responsibilities you now have. You have had to train staff, update policy manuals, adjust budgets and establish new policies and procedures to implement them.  All of this being done without fully knowing that you will be compliant.

Second, getting paid by regulatory agencies has required you to have the patience of Jobe.  Medicaid has not been your friend when getting paid in a timely manner.

Third, the hiring and recruiting of quality staff is an ongoing task.  The pool of qualified professionals continues to shrink and the task of finding staff is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Forth, advertising and marketing are taking more and more of your operating budget.  Keeping vacancy levels low is an ongoing challenge and is becoming harder and harder to accomplish.

Fifth, managing costs continue to challenge the way you run your assisted living home. Managing costs requires constant vigilance, and finding creative ways to stretch your budget dollars, is an ongoing challenge.

Given all of these challenges, remember your association, the Colorado Assisted Living Association, is here to help you.

We represent you at all public policy and regulatory hearings assuring that your voice is heard by the legislature, CDPHE, and HCPR.  We are your educational source for all your educational needs by conducting timely webinars, lunch and learns, and annual conferences.

We serve an employment resource by having a job board for posting employment openings and recruitment opportunities. And last but not least, we have a network of assisted living professionals that you can contact for information and advice.

CALA is here to serve you, providing solutions to your problems. Take advantage of your membership and breath a little easier for the rest of your summer.

Corky Kyle, MPA, CAE

Executive Vice President
Colorado Assisted Living Association