Attention All CALA Members and Assisted Living Professionals

HCPF Proposed Medicaid Increase for Assisted Living Residences

CALA has been working with HCPF and the Joint Budget Committee to get an increase in the Medicaid rate to providers. Because of our work and that of many other interested parties, HCPF has recommended a 25% increase for the upcoming fiscal year for all Medicaid providers.

This recommended increase has yet to be approved by the legislature. The Colorado legislature begins work on the state budget (The Long Bill) on March 26th. The House of Representatives will review and approve the budget and then it will be sent over to the Senate for their review and approval. Then it is on its way to the governor.

Your help is needed in assuring that the 25% increase remains, as it works its way through the process. Each one of you need to write, email, or call the members of the House and the Senate and ask them to preserve and approve the 25% increase in the Medicaid rate for the assisted living industry.

Your message should include the following key points:
1. Let them know that you are a Medicaid provider
2. Let them know that you have not had a substantial increase in many years. Matter of fact, during lean years, the reimbursement was decreased although the providers’ expenses continued to rise.
3. Share with them how your payments have not kept ups with your expenses
4. Include the fact that with the new increases in licensing fees and with the advent of increase regulatory oversight, by CDPHE, that your costs will increase significantly
5. Tell them without the increase, the state will continue to lose Medicaid beds and increase the problem of the shortage of Medicaid beds throughout the state
6. Ask them to support the increase in the Medicaid rate

Below is the contact information for the members of the Colorado House and Senate. If you don’t know who your legislators are to go to Each member must receive a minimum of ten letters, emails, or calls asking for support of the Medicaid increase. Please copy me on all correspondence,

Colorado House of Representatives:

Name Telephone No. Email
Jeni Arndt 970-231-5090
Jon Becker 970-768-6500
KC Becker 303-866-2578
Susan Beckman 303-866-2953
Adrienne Benavidez 303-866-2964
Jeff Bridges 303-866-2921
Perry Buck 970-302-4013
Janet Buckner 303-866-2944
Terri Carver 303-866-2191
Marc Catlin 303-866-2955
James Coleman 720-297-5301
Phil Covarrubias 303-866-2912
Jessie Danielson 303-866-5522
Crisanta Duran 303-866-2346
Daneya Isgar 303-866-2968
Justin Everett 303-866-2927
Tony Exum 719-661-4910
Mike Foote 303-866-2920
Alex Garnett 720-840-8132
Joann Ginal 970-215-3063
Matt Gray 303-866-4667
Millie Hamner 303-866-2952
Chris Hansen 303-866-2967
Leslie Herod 303-866-2959
Edie Hooton 303-866-2915
Stephen Humphrey 303-866-2943
Dominique Jackson 303-866-3911
Chris Kennedy 303-866-2951
Tracy Kraft-Tharp 720-937-1506
Lois Landgraf 303-866-2946
Polly Lawrence 720-785-3303
Pete Lee 719-460-2834
Timothy Leonard 303-866-2582
Kimmi Lewis 303-866-2398
Larry Liston 719-649-9742
Susan Lontine 303-866-2966
Paul Lundeen 303-866-2924
Hugh McKean 303-866-2947
Barbara McLachlan 303-866-2914
Jovan Melton 303-866-2919
Jenet Michaelson 303-866-2945
Patrick Neville 303-866-5523
Dan Pabon 303-866-2954
Brittany Pettersen 720-663-9389
Bob Rankin 970-866-2949
Kim Ransom 303-866-2933
Judy Reyher 303-866-2905
Dylan Roberts 303-866-2923
Paul Rosenthal 303-866-2910
Lori Saine 303-866-2906
Joe Salazar 303-866-2918
Shane Sandridge 303-866-2965
Lang Sias 720-866-2962
Jonathan Singer 303-875-4727
Dan Thurlow 303-866-3068
Donald Valdez 303-866-2916
Kevin Van Winkle 303-866-2936
Mike Weissman 303-866-2942
Yeulin Willett 970-250-2518
Dave Williams 719-362-0899
Jim Wilson 719-221-8383
Faith Winter 303-866-2843
Cole Wist 303-866-5510
Dave Young 303-866-2929

Colorado State Senate:

Name Telephone No. Email
Irene Aguilar 303-601-0955
Randy Baumgardner 970-509-9187
John Cook 970-590-6820
Don Coram 970-596-2425
Lois Court 303-866-4861
Larry Crowder 719-850-2459
Kerry Donovan 970-279-1876
Stephen Fenberg 303-866-4872
Rhonda Fields 303-866-4879
Leroy Garcia 303-866-4878
Bob Gardner 303-866-4880
Kevin Grantham 303-866-4877
Lucia Guzman 720-833-8990
Owen Hill 719-210-1086
Chris Holbert 303-505-6196
Cheri Jahn 303-866-4856
Matt Jones 303-718-7510
Daniel Kagan 303-866-4846
John Kefalas 720-254-7598
Andy Kerr 720-979-4515
Kent Lambert 719-440-9990
Kevin Lundberg 303-866-4853
Vicki Marble 303-866-4876
Beth Martinez Humenik 720-507-1676
Michael Merrifield 719-460-0580
Dominick Moreno 720-985-1132
Tim Neville 303-798-4100
Kevin Priola 303-866-4855
Ray Scott 303-866-3077
Jim Smallwood 303-918-5754
Jerry Sonnenberg 970-581-8648
Jack Tate 303-866-4883
Nancy Todd 303-596-0392
Angela Williams 303-866-4864
Rachel Zenzinger 303-748-0770

Capitol Addresses

House Senate
Colorado State Capitol Colorado State Capitol
200 E. Colfax 200 E. Colfax
Room 307 Room 346
Denver, Colorado 80203 Denver Colorado 80203

Now is the time for you to preserve what you deserve. Contact your own representative and senator first. Then contact all the other legislators. They must hear from you on or before March 26, 2018.

If you have questions, please contact me at 303-263-5422.

Do not delay! Contact them today!

Corky Kyle, MPA. CAE
Executive Vice President
Colorado Assisted Living Association