CALA Calls for Covid Recovery Centers for Assisted Living


For Immediate Release 11-30-2020

Colorado Assisted Living Association calls for Covid Recovery Centers for All Assisted Living
Seniors in Assisted Living Residences in Colorado face risks under current regulations

Denver: CO:  Assisted Living Facilities desperately cry out for help from CDPHE as CDPHE struggles to provide support needed.  Due to the rapid spread of Covid 19, the Colorado Assisted Living Association (CALA) is gravely concerned for assisted living residents and therefore is calling for immediate action from health authorities.

CALA represents the assisted living industry in Colorado, with 650 facilities and over 12,000 beds.  The facility owners and administrators have been in contact with CDPHE for support in placement options and management of persons affected with COVID 19 since April 25, 2020.  To date, the industry still has no clear solution.  Additionally, the ALR industry has no representation on the health department’s Strike Force Team, despite repeated requests to be included.

Care recovery facilities are needed for assisted living residents with Covid-19, where they can be actively assessed and monitored by licensed health care professionals to mitigate spread of illness, manage acute symptoms, and improve outcomes to reduce undue mortality of this vulnerable population.

Assisted Living Facilities are prohibited by regulations (6 CCR 1011-1 Chapters 7 and 24) to manage acutely ill residents.  Additionally, in the ALR environment:

  • Staff are non-licensed and do not possess the training required to monitor and assess residents’ rapidly changing health statuses. These residents at a minimum require RN assessments and medical management; ALR staff are prohibited from making “assessments or judgments.”
  • Smaller assisted living “homes” are not able to successfully quarantine or isolate to mitigate disease spread due to shared rooms, bathrooms, and limited space of less than 2000 sq ft.
  • Skilled nursing facilities are not a care option for Covid-positive ALRs for the following reasons:
    Rapid admission into a skilled nursing facility is unavailable unless the patient had been discharged from a hospital. 2.  Direct admission from the ALR can take 3 days or more.
  1. Due to current outbreaks in SNFs, they are prohibited from accepting additional Covid-positive patients.
  2. Residents have been experiencing delays and denials from insurance providers.

COVID overflow sites, like the Denver Convention Center, are MASH-type units, which CDPHE admits are not approved sites for the elderly population.

Nearly 2000 deaths (more than 80% of all Covid deaths) have been seniors, and all are experiencing the detrimental effects of isolation from their families and each other. Residents are enduring increased COVID-related risks, illness &/or mortality because healthcare systems are not prepared with appropriate options to manage the treatment and quarantine for residents in ALRs, especially smaller homes.


About Colorado Assisted Living Association: CALA ( is the “can do association” that is known for representing the Assisted Living Industry in Colorado. The association is committed to assisting, promoting, informing, educating and advocating on behalf of Assisted Living residences and professionals. The Colorado Assisted Living Association (CALA), was formed in 1982 as a vision of two administrators of Assisted Living Residences (at that time referred to as Personal Care Boarding Homes) who saw the need for representation. Since then, CALA has made its mark on the industry and is the only Colorado non-profit association dedicated solely to assisted living.

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