Winning Result from Colorado Board of Health Chapter 7 Regulation Delay


The CALA board asked for a 6 months delay on the implementation of the new Chapter 7 regulations and we got it!!!

Enforcement delayed until June 14, 2021

Meeting with the BOH Update Dec, 16 2020

The Board of the Health (BOH) reviews regulations for many industries in Colorado, including Assisted Living Facilities.  As many of you remember April 18, 2018 the BOH approved the rewrite of Chapter 7 regulations for assisted living facilities.

 However, the implementation of the new Chapter 7 regulations was delayed because of Senate Resolution 18-005 that required CDPHE to work with stake holders to ensure the regulations were not burdensome for small assisted living facilities.

A workgroup met with CDPHE for 2 years and made recommendations in several areas including

  • Food Safety
  • Staff Training
  • Administrator qualifications
  • FGI
  • Awake staff requirements for secure dementia units

The small ALR workgroup felt CDPHE made very few concessions and just went through the motions required of them and CALA agreed.

This process requires the BOH to go over Chapter 7 regulations again and they also included Chapter 2 Regulations for General Licensure Standards. This meeting was held December 16, 2020.

Our industry provided 16 letters of written testimony from many of our facilities providing information to the BOH on issues of concern.  The BOH said they usually see 1 or 2 letters of written testimony

There were 81 participants on the Zoom meeting; again, this was a great deal more than the handful that usually attends these types of meetings. 

The meeting was to last about 30 minutes and it lasted over 2 hours with some great discussion. 

We need be proud that we all represented our industry well.

The vote of BOH did result in the passing of both Chapter 7 and Chapter 2, but BOH required a 6-month delay in enforcing these.  We take this as a win so we can regroup and plan out our next steps.

 Please consider joining CALA as we are stronger than ever before.