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Will PGx testing profit or bankrupt Assisted Living?

The Assisted Living industry might be facing lawsuits they had no idea were coming.

Everyone has seen the medication ads on tv that warn us of the side effects.

According to the American Medical Association, drug side effects, and Adverse Drug Reaction is the 4th largest killer in the US. That is right, 350 people a day die from ADR; another 5,000 enter the hospital.  Imagine an airliner with 350 passengers crashing every day. It would not be long before the whole airline industry would be grounded until the cause and solution was found.

Ten years ago, a solution was found for ADR by Mayo Clinic. It is called a Pharmacogenetics test or PGx.  It allows the doctor to know the right medication and at what dose for the persons genetics. So why doesn’t anyone know about it you ask? All the top experts know about it. The American Medical and Heart Association, Pharmacists, Pediatric, American Family Physician, Psychiatric Association, Institute for Drug Abuse, Mayo, Vanderbilt, John Hopkins, St Jude, etc. The FDA has issued a black box warning of over 200 drugs that recommends the PGx test before they are prescribed. Please watch this 30 minute video for details, www.tinyurl.com/keppgx30.

The problem is the majority of doctors or assisted livings don’t know the FDA list exists. Many could lose their practice since the attorneys are suing for millions per patient. Anyone that has prescribed, issued or supervised medications on this list, without consulting a PGx test, are becoming targets of the lawsuits. A Fox News report illustrates this new trend in Parker CO, www.tinyurl.com/wtpfoxparker …. doctor and pharmacist are the defendants.

Will Assisted Livings partner and profit with the PGx future and make sure their residents are tested or will they risk becoming the target of lawsuits?

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