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CALA Awards - How to Nominate - Nomination Form


All entries must be received by October 10th. Carefully follow the judging criteria for your specific award in preparing your supporting documents, being as specific as possible. Letters of recommendation from others are strongly encouraged.

Please fill out the form below or download the form and then email or fax completed entry forms and other materials so that they are received by October 10th:

Colorado Assisted Living Association
Attn: Corky Kyle

FAX: 1-866-402-1722

CALA’s Mission

We are an organization dedicated to advance Assisted Living by:
CALA’s Values

We come together around this core purpose because we value:

People in need of assistance and their right to make choices
Our members and their calling to missions of service
Our employees and volunteers and the informal networks of family, friends
and neighbors who support them
Accountability to our communities
Reinvestment of our resources in our communities
Integrity, collaboration, innovation and creativity
Prudent stewardship of resources

Tips for Making an Award Nomination

Judging Criteria

1) Read the Eligibility and Criteria for that award carefully, and as closely as possible address the criteria in your supporting documentation.

2) While writing ability is helpful, award judging decisions are based much more on clear and complete content that directly addresses the award criteria for the category. The best nominations are simple, to the point and contain facts and concrete examples that illustrate why the nominee should receive the award.

3) Check carefully to determine if the award category in which you are making a nomination calls for specific or additional letters of support or other materials, and that you include them. Be sure to tell whoever is writing letters of support that the most effective letters give specific examples of the nominee’s work that fit the award category criteria.

4) Describe the actions of your nominee in the most specific terms possible. (For instance, “Mary is excellent with residents” is not specific; “Mary is always polite with residents; she listens carefully to what they tell her and repeats their request so they know she understood them. She always follows through on the promises she makes to them,” is more specific.)

Complete the form below or Click Here to Download a form to be faxed.

CALA Awards

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