Covid Updates with CDPHE Task Force

Hi everyone,

Today I had a conversation with Peter Myers and April from CDPHE in regards to fit testing of N95s and the Infection Prevention guidelines.

In regards to the N95s April reported:

  1. CDPHE has created a N95 fit tool kit that might be able to be shared wit the counties so that they could possibly use it to fit test assisted living homes that don’t have the resources to fit test.
  2. San Juan county is fit testing assisted livings for free if you know anyone in San Juan county tell them to call the local health department
  3. April will contact the local health departments to see what they might need to provide fit testing and will get back with me in regards to what she finds out and if anything can be put into place.
  4. April and Peter will contact emergency preparedness and EMS contacts at CDPHE to see if they can help do fit tests
  5. Peter said he would let Cheryl and the survey team know that the smalls don’t have enough resources at this time to be compliant with fit tested N95s and that we are trying. Im hoping this means they will continue not to survey us on this as this would equal a deficiency that could hurt us greatly with insurance renewals.
  6. I will be asking Medicaid tomorrow for resources and $ to get this done as well

Infection Prevention Guidance:

Peter and April have agreed to create a checklist/form with requirements that assisted livings need to comply with. What they explained to me was quite simple… Things like who is responsible to keep the assisted living compliant with guidance and testing requirements, who is responsible to make sure all IP trainings have been completed with staff (hand washing, Donning/ Doffing, cleaning etc…), who is responsible to speak with the departments if there is an outbreak of COVID, etc….

Nothing that was mentioned made me feel as if we would have difficulties meeting this requirement.

I did mention ONCE AGAIN that CALA and small assisted livings as a whole continue to feel as if we are being required to care for those that are infectious and they shouldn’t be cared for in assisted living in the first place……. They both noted the comment…. I will continue to keep you all in the loop as to any up dates.

Keep your fingers crossed as tomorrow is the meeting with Medicaid.

Thank you,

Nicole Zamparelli-Schiavone RN – CALA President


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