Assisted Living Advocacy

Government Relations Committee

Our Government Relations Committee has invested many hours of work to lay out a plan of becoming directly involved in the legislative process here in Colorado. We hope you will join in getting involved in our grassroots efforts. It will take every one of us doing our part to make our voice heard at the State Capital.

We want your involvement. Please consider joining CALA if you are not a member and volunteer on our Legislative Committee.

For Representative Names, Emails, Phone Numbers, and to see current legislative activities visit the Colorado State Legislature Website

Schedule a Visit…

At Your Assisted Living Residence

At Your Legislator’s Office

The most effective way to convey your views to your local legislators and positively affect the outcome of the legislation is to first invite them to visit your Assisted Living Community. This provides a wonderful opportunity for them to learn more about Assisted Living, and meet the residents living in their respective districts.

If this is not possible, you may consider scheduling a visit with them either in their office or home district. Although a face-to-face visit may be time consuming, it is often the best way to ensure great results. Personal visits tend to put a human face and perspective to Assisted Living in Colorado.

When scheduling a visit, call your local legislator’s office and request an appointment. If they are unavailable, ask to meet with a member of their staff who handles the issue. When meeting with the lawmaker or staffer, point out how the pending legislation will affect your Assisted Living Community, your residents and their families, your employees, and the district as a whole. Personal stories can help achieve greater results. When possible, you will want to invite the local media. Your local legislators will appreciate the coverage. Remember to always be polite, and follow-up with a personal letter thanking the lawmaker for their time, and offering future assistance if necessary.

CALA is the only Colorado Association that is solely dedicated to supporting Assisted Living in Colorado

  •    Assisted living communities range in size from a small 2 bed home to a 495 bed community.
  •     Assisted living communities are a mixture of private pay, medicaid, and long term care insurance.
  •     There is a great deal of diversity in assisted living and therefore we must be cautious in developing ‘one-size fits all’ regulations.
  •     We are committed to providing quality services to our residents and ensuring that they have a safe environment.
  •     To be responsive to consumers, we believe that oversight of assisted living must remain at the state government level rather than with the federal bureaucracy.
  •     Autonomy, independence, choice, dignity and customer satisfaction are paramount.